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2017 Member Benefits

NEOTA is working on a plan to add more benefits and discounts in 2018.  
The below information is printed on the NEOTA member card issued to you. 
Please show your original NEOTA membership card to avail discounts.
NEOTA is a non-profit 501 c(3) organization and your membership dues and voluntary donations are what drive the various initiatives and events that we conduct throughout the year.
NEOTA’s success is a reflection of your support and we thank each one of you for continuing to strengthen NEOTA in a manner most commendable! There is no doubt that you, the members of NEOTA are its core strength. You drive the organization’s objectives and through your valuable input, creativity and commitment have helped us Office Bearers deliver what we set out to do. Thank you!  As we continue to learn and grow together and move on to bigger and better things, we feel it is worthwhile to take a few moments to highlight what NEOTA brings to you, it’s membership!
The Member Advantages program is by far the most talked about benefit to NEOTA members whose tangible returns far exceed the organization’s membership fee in a very short period of time!
NEOTA’s main objective is to promote Telugu culture and heritage in the Cleveland area and to act as a sister organization to local and national Indian and Telugu cultural organizations.
Whether we choose define culture as a sum total of behaviors, beliefs and characteristics of a social group or as aspects like dance, drama, literature and music that reflect the creative and intellectual pursuits of a society’s diverse populace, NEOTA’s commitment to promoting our culture and preserving our heritage is evident in many ways. Celebration of Sankranthi, Ugadi, Navratri/Bathukamma & Deepavali where young and adult members have an opportunity to showcase their unique talents, dedication of an event like the ‘Annamacharya Aradhana’ to explore the genius of our heritage through the works of Saint Annamayya, and recognition of talent at every possible opportunity speak of NEOTA’s dedication to furthering our sampradayam!
NEOTA owes its growth and success to many a tireless member and patron in the community that has given willingly of his/her time and energy to help coordinate events, build camaraderie in the community and support NEOTA’s Board members every step of the way. These volunteers have the unique ability to make the organizations goals their own, accepting challenges and giving what it takes to create a positive personal impact on those around them. Each year, NEOTA recognizes these individuals through special awards for their service at the year-end ‘Deepavali Sambaraalu’, a tradition that it hopes to continue in the future. As members of a non-profit organization, each one of us has the golden opportunity to get involved as leaders and volunteers and leave our mark in a community that we are proud to be part of.
The various activities/aspects mentioned above in culmination with the camaraderie, new friendships and opportunities to learn, lead and give back, create a unique fabric of strength and vitality that we call Community. NEOTA recognizes and respects each one of you for your creativity, generosity, volunteerism, leadership and the belief in staying united to achieve common goals.
Please continue to let us know what you think and how we can move forward to make NEOTA an organization that you can be proud of for many years to come.
Stretching your $50 membership to the Max!
NEOTA Executive Board