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NEOTA Ugadi Cultural Event/High School Senior Recognition Sign-Up

Please Read
Registrations are open only for High School Senior Recognition Program.
Last date to register is Wednesday, 11th April 2018. 

High School Seniors: Please select the 'High School Senior Recognition' option in the 'Category' picklist below.

For questions, please click here to send us an email or you may call:
Sravanthi Khammampati, Cultural Secretary - (440) 334-9472
Srikrishna Prasad Muvva, President - (330) 319-5006
Surya Buddhavarapu, General Secretary - (216) 482-4290
Suresh Penumudy, Communications Secretary - (440) 391-7339
Primary Contact Info
This email will be used for all communication purposes.
This Phone number will be used for all communication. We may send you a text message if there are any last minute updates.

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NEOTA events are volunteer driven. We appreciate your help .
Your Program Details
If you are a NEOTA member and have a high school senior (graduating class of 2018) at home, please include the below information on a Power Point slide and submit this form before Wednesday, April 11, 2018.
Please upload your Power Point slide. File name should be your first name and last name. (ex: "Naaperu Intiperu.pptx" This will be compiled with others and presented in the Ugadi event.
Files must be less than 2 MB.
Allowed file types: pptx.
Give a name to your program. Please keep it short, clean and simple.
Please list name of each participant followed by his/her age. For ages above 16, just say "16+". Please note that age of participants helps us with the time-slot placement and queueing of programs. Here's an example: "Mahesh Babu, 16+" or "Chinta Gurumurthy, 14"
If any of the participants are NOT NEOTA members, please specify the names of all the non member participants and acknowledge that they will pay their membership dues. Otherwise, your registration cannot be confirmed by NEOTA Team.
Please list the Names and Phone numbers of the participants who are NOT NEOTA members. We will follow-up.
Please upload your media file (song, dialogues etc.,). The total time should not exceed 5 minutes.
Files must be less than 10 MB.
Allowed file types: mp3.
Please note: Time limit for any program is 5 minutes max. Only skits & special programs are exceptions to this rule.
If you have any special requirements, please mention it here. NEOTA will try it's best to accommodate. Please note that you are responsible to bringing your props and accessories.
Please indicate if you'd like your phone number added to a temporary WhatsApp group (for quick updates/communication) for the "2018 Ugadi event only".
Enter the characters shown in the image.